WP Rollback Version 1.5 Introduces WordPress Multisite Compatibility and more

WP Rollback Version 1.5 Released

If you’re a Super Admin of a WordPress multisite, WP Rollback version 1.5 introduces several new features that we think you’ll love. You’re welcome. 😉

Since we created WP Rollback two years ago, we’ve maintained it well by making necessary fixes and tweaks as the WordPress theme and plugin screens were updated. But generally speaking, it’s the type of plugin that needs very little day-to-day maintenance or updates. We’re sure our 30K active installs and 60+ 5-star reviews like it that way. Few updates means you just keep on using it and it keeps doing its job as intended.

We felt it was time to give the plugin a little love and introduce some nice new features. Here’s a quick overview.

Multisite Compatibility

This is the biggest update to WP Rollback since launch. WP Rollback is now fully multisite compatible. Because mult-site handles activates and updates very differently from a standard single install we had to make some important decisions to implement this well without adding a new settings screen or anything.

The problem of Admins versus Super Admins: Firstly, just making rollback available for multisite installs introduces a problem. Because multisites share the same codebase for all plugins and themes, you could run into an issue where an admin of a child-site rolls back a plugin or theme for the entire network. This doesn’t feel like the intended behavior that WP Rollback should have out of the box. So instead, we decided that if WP Rollback is installed on a multisite network, then the ability to rollback should be limited only to Super Admins in the network plugin/theme screens — not the child site screens at all. There may be cases where this isn’t ideal for you, and if so hit us up in support and we can provide a snippet to allow Admins to do rollbacks as well. Generally speaking, we followed the “decisions not options” mentality here and felt that this decision would suit 95% or more of our users automatically and avoid adding a settings panel for enforcing admin controls.

As a Super-Admin you can rollback from either the Network Plugins/Themes screen, or the Plugins/Themes screen of your primary site in your network.

The problem of the Themes screen: Secondly, multisite networks don’t display themes the same way that single installs do. For single installs we had to hook into the Theme modal to put the “Rollback” button near the standard “activate/deactivate” buttons to match user expectations for managing themes. But for multisite, they are listed like plugins are, in a table. Here’s a before/after:

The Rollback button on the single install versus a multisite install.

Preview Changelogs within the rollback screen

One of the main reasons why you might rollback a plugin version is because a fix or feature was implemented in a specific version that you want to rollback to. The primary way of knowing when that fix or feature was implemented is via the changelog. For some users finding the changelog is a bit tedious, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find the changelog for every version available. Here’s how that looks with our Give donation plugin:

The changelog preview with the Give Donation plugin.
The changelog preview with the Give Donation plugin.

Better UX for Version Saving

You might also notice in the GIF above that we’ve fixed the “Rollback” and “Cancel” buttons to the bottom of the screen. This is useful for plugins (like Give above) that have long version histories. Now you no longer have to scroll all the way down the page to click that “Rollback” button!


Being an open-source plugin, we code in the open for all to see. This changelog links to the closed issues on the WP Rollback Github repo.

  • New: You can now view plugin changelogs within the rollback screen. #7
  • New: Added support for WordPress Multisite rollbacks for themes and plugins. #22
  • New: Rollback button is fixed to the bottom of the page now to prevent long scrolls for rollbacks with many versions. #23
  • New: Updated the WP.org plugin header graphic. #37

Install WP Rollback Today!

If you haven’t already tried WP Rollback, now’s as good a time as any. We’ll continue to maintain it and improve it, but feel free to install and send us your feedback. If you are a developer and like WP Rollback, feel free to star us on Github or contribute your ideas or PRs.

5 thoughts on “WP Rollback Version 1.5 Introduces WordPress Multisite Compatibility and more

  1. Hi Matt I’ve been hoping this day would come! Will install it on some of our MS installs and let you know how it goes. I think your thoughts above about behavior are the right ones. Cheers

  2. Thanks WordImpress team for keeping WPRollback updated. We use the plugin on our websites and couldn’t be more happy with it.

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