WPengine – Can You Install More than JUST WordPress?

logo-wpengineAs much as I love WordPress, I often have to do work on a variety of platforms: Vanilla Forums, Magento, and dare I say… Drupal even. If you haven’t heard of WPengine they are a great hosting provider that offers speed as their main selling point. There’s oh so much more, but we’ll go into that in another article. For now, we’re concerned with:

Can I Install Anything Other Than WordPress on WPengine?

This was the question I had when I wanted to setup a support forum using Vanilla Forums. I’ve known WPengine to be a pretty strict host. For example, they have a list of blacklisted plugins that they routinely update: WPengine Disallowed Plugins. I figured they would be strict on WordPress-only for their hosting.

So I Asked WPengine Support

Here’s the question I asked:

Is it allowed to install Vanilla Forums and/or other PHP applications on my WPengine hosting? I couldn’t find any information about that on the website. I’d like to have a support forum and am not thrilled using bbPress as a solution.

Side note: I’ve been very happy with WPengine Support. Despite dealing with massive growth, they’ve maintained their responsiveness and are very knowledgeable.

WPengine Response

WPengine Support Question Screenshot

Tony from WPengine got back to me with the answer I wanted, but had not expected. I definitely searched Google for the answer, and also the WPengine support site but still could not find anything. Thanks Tony for clearing it up:

Thanks for reaching out to WPEngine.com. We do have clients that host PHP applications on our server. It’s not supported by us from a ticketing standpoint, but as long as you’re able to utilize a single database and add the related tables to the mySQL it will be good to go.

The Answer is Yes, but No Support

The good thing is that with WPengine you can benefit from the environment’s incredible speed and reliability without being married to WordPress.

WPengine – Not just WordPress Hosting

I’ll update this article as I explore running other applications than WordPress on WPengine. They have a lot of great features like baked-in CDN and daily backup snapshots that I’m curious to see how they integrate with say, Vanilla Forums.

Have you had experience working with anything other than WordPress on WPengine? Please post your comments below!