WordPress Web Development Time Lapse #2: PureHOPE

Building a website can seem like a time consuming process… and it definitely is when you are paying close attention to detail. I wanted to show how a website is built from a front end visual standpoint. In this video I display focus only on the browser view of the website.

The first time lapse video I released was rather rough and showed a lot of jumping between windows. The quality of this video is much better (shot in HD, so be sure to make it full screen) and visually it’s much easier to watch. You really get an idea of how the PureHOPE website was built.

The resulting site is very visually appealing. My favorite part is the top navigation menu. It’s styled completely using CSS3… you won’t find a single image here. The menu dropdowns click-to-toggle are something I’m really becoming a fan of from a UX perspective because they work well with a mouse and wonderful for touch devices. I wish the site was responsive, but that wasn’t in the cards for this project. Visit the PureHOPE website.

  • Development Tools: PHPStorm 5, XAMPP, LiveReload 2, Roots Theme Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Languages: HTM5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP
  • Developer: Devin Walker http://imdev.in
  • Elapsed Time: 6.5 hours

All Design and DEV Credit: The Sound Press