WordPress 3.0.1 Released

After 11-million downloads in just 30-days, WordPress 3.0 has been updated. Welcome in WordPress 3.0.1! The package is now available for download here

WordPress 3.0.1 Download

Which Bugs were Fixed in 3.0.1?

Looking for a complete list of bugs fixed in WordPress 3.0.1? Here’s a custom query for closed tickets in the 3.0.1 release: Bug Fixes for WordPress 3.0.1

Upgrading WordPress to 3.0.1 is Easy!

What’s Up for WordPress’ Next Release after 3.0.1

If you want to check out what’s coming up for WordPress and what fixes are currently in the queue then I recommend heading over to WordPress Trac. There you can view and submit bugs for the WordPress development crew to checkout.

WordPress Trac

Find Out What’s Planned for WordPress 3.1

There’s continually new ideas swirling on what additions should be included in the WordPress 3.1 release. To stay on top of the WordPress Development community I suggest the WordPress Development Updates website.

WordPress Development Updates Website

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