The WordPress Page Lifecycle Visual Graphic

WordPress Core Lifecycle Visually Explained

The WordPress core can be confusing to understand what’s going on under-the-hood when someone requests a single page. Different things happen depending on where you’re at in WordPress and knowing the differences can come in handy. Here’s a great graphic to help you know the processes

WordPress Core Lifecycle Visually Explained

A typical page request will look something like the following:

  • WP determines the requested post ID
  • Query the database for the post by its ID
  • Query the database for any associated data (taxonomies, attachments, meta data, etc)
  • Query the database for the comments associated with it
  • Return all of the data to the browser

Your theme is responsible for how the output is rendered and displayed visually. The above process does not take into account any caching and is considered the process for a plain-vanilla WP install. For more information on the Page Lifecycle of WordPress check out this article on WP-Tuts: The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Actions and Filters. The first part of the article has a great section on the WordPress page lifecycle that’s worth a read.

Infographic credit goes to Rarst who has come out with some really awesome and helpful WordPress graphics. Here’s another graphic that was recently featured on WordImpress: Make Sense of WP Query Functions