The Best Full Screen jQuery Sliders/Fader

The Best jQuery Full Width and Height Slideshows Faders

Many websites have really neat full browser / screen sliding backgrounds that often fade or slide as a transition to the next image. You want a slider that resizes dynamically for liquid/fluid layouts and plays nicely with other sliders. Performance is also very important to consider and many of the plugins listed below are performance hungry. What runs nicely in Firefox could be a dog in Internet Explorer. Hopefully by reading through the list below you’ll have a clearer idea of the jQuery plugin that’s right for your implementation.


Gallery Full Screen jQuery Slider

The Galleria full screen jQuery slider is a very popular (more than 500 thousand downloads) and easy to implement slider/slideshow. Most likely this is the slider you will want to implement. The look-and-feel of Galleria is excellent and can be easily customized. The Galleria demo package comes with great implantation examples and two colorized themes ready to be customized.

There’s little I can say bad about this jQuery slideshow. It’s more of a gallery out of the box (hence the name), and may require some modification to get it to work how you like. This is made easier through the excellent documentation provided by the authors.

You will be very impressed with Galleria’s ability to connect with Flickr. You can pull from a specific set of Flickr images or even do a search. Give your clients full control over what images are shown via Flickr. How cool! Oh yeah, if for some reason you don’t want a full screen slider… Galleria’s got you covered there.

Galleria Demo

Download Galleria

Supersized (Versions 1.0 and 2.0)

Supersized jQuery Slider Versions 1.0 and 2.0

Supersize 1.0

Supersized 1.0 Demo

Version 1.0 was the beginning of the Supersized slider. It was a great start of something, but unfortunately lacks the controls or fade effect of version 2. You probably don’t want to use this slider for much because it’s outdated and offers no real flare.

Supersized 2.0

Supersized 2.0 Demo

Supersized 2.0 looks like a pretty nice jQuery full screen slider, but the fade transition is a bit laggy (even in Firefox) and could use some snap. The controls for the sliders are pause, rewind and forward. It would be nice to have thumbnail capability and pagination. The documentation is pretty good and the author obviously took time to code this out and release it freely so props to him for that.


AKgallery jQuery Full Screen Slider

The “AKgallery” as I like to call it is from a bit of code I found over at This code was not freely distributed so it was a bit of a trick to put the pieces together. This plugin isn’t really full screen unless you set the value for the aspect ration variable. Although this plugin does look very nicely, you probably

Additional Resources

In case you are hungry for more image slideshows then here’s a few links that should satisfy you for at least a bit. Please note that these are not list of only full screen slideshows.

No Flash Allowed

Why isn’t there any mention of Flash sliders? It’s not to say that I’m anti-Flash, but there’s so many more ways to accomplish Flash-like effects nowadays. If you plan on utilizing a Flash-based full screen slider then your entire site will almost certainly be in Flash. That being said, Flash is not the focus of this article therefore it’s capabilities are omitted.

MooTools Full Screen Slideshow Anyone?

MooTools has a similar plugin that can dynamically resize images while still keeping their aspect ratio. Now this doesn’t come with a slideshow capability so it only works with one image per page (don’t quote me on that).

MooTools Demo

Full Screen Slideshow Wrap Up

While we should be thankful for what’s out there, we could always ask for more. The list above displays the sliders that were among the most popular. Do you know of another one in use that should be included on the list above? Please share it with us by either leaving a comment below or contacting WordImpress. I hope this article has cleared some things up for you in respect to using full screen jQuery slideshows.

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