Why We Are Sponsoring WordCamp Nashik

Why we're sponsoring WordCamp Nashik

We’re excited to be sponsoring WordCamp Nashik (#WCNashik) which takes place next week in Nashik, India.

I’m often asked, how do you gauge WordCamps sponsorships? Or, what’s your budget for WordCamp Sponsorship? Or, How do you choose the swag?

Those answers are tough, but I do know this:

We are sponsoring WordCamp Nashik because we value participation, learning, and growth.

Participating in WordCamp Nashik:

Even when considering our WordCamp strategy, the game of Golf provides strategic business guidance. Growing up, I fell for golf, in part, because I was a Caddy. There was a general rule in the Caddy Shack and it has imparted wisdom in the most simple form; just show up on time. Do that one thing and you will get a loop and earn a signed chit.

We’re showing up to Nashik and participating in the global economy because it is both fun and necessary.

WP Engineer Ravinder Kumar
WP Engineer Ravinder Kumar

Fun because our teammate and WordPress Engineer, Ravinder Kumar gets to travel from Bangalore, India to Nashik and experience the same joy we get when traveling to our local WordCamps. New friends, fresh insights, and an entrepreneurial spirit are key ingredients in a recipe for a fantastic weekend.

Necessary because we strive to build a team based on merit and serve the global WordPress community. Though we call San Diego, CA, home, our team and development plans are not boxed into a specific region of the world. We follow Automattic’s lead in that we grow our company based on the merit of our teammates and fit within our culture.

Learning about our Customers and Serving them Better

Since WordPress democratized publishing and the global economy changed the way we think about building our lives, we have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and press forward together.

The WordPress community in India, in particular, is leading a cultural shift inside India — promoting entrepreneurship as a valuable and practical way to support your family. We’re stoked that Ravinder wants to actively volunteer to build up WordPress and the startup community in Nashik, Bangalore and throughout India. We want to do everything we can to support his efforts and the localization of WordPress around the world.

Ravinder is most excited to meet other developers in India and create connections with like-minded individuals. He’s got serious talent, too. Since Ravinder joined our team three months ago, he has helped improve the Core of Give — our free donation plugin — significantly.

Growing our Business and Market Share:

Find me at a WordCamp and I’ll likely be handing out t-shirts or sharing a case study about using WordPress to accept donations online. At nearly every WordCamp during those conversations someone will ask,

“So Jason, do WordCamps grow your business?”

Common sense says yes. But so does our data.

Attending WordCamps absolutely impact brand awareness, market share, and team building.

WordCamps impact Brand Awareness:

At WordCamp Nashik, in addition to providing coupon codes for Free Give Plus Bundles ($247USD retail), we’ll have t-shirts, buttons, and stickers. Over 200 years of real estate, beer, and political candidates have taught us about the impact of brand merchandise in a marketplace. It works.

WordCamps Impact Market Sales:

Data clearly shows our plugin sales increase in “WordCamp markets” two-weeks following, compared to previous similar periods. Interesting enough, the growth is much greater than our best social media post.

We are a group of Collective Campers:

The best way to find talent, build movements, and create loyalty starts with choosing the appropriate place to meet. WordCamps are one of the best places to meet the future of GiveWP.com and the WordImpress team.

Simply put, choosing to sponsor WordCamp Nashik and participating in the global economy works for us.

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