Quick Tip to Further SEO Optimize Your NextGen Gallery Albums

NextGen Gallery is the best picture gallery plugin for WordPress that I’ve seen so far in my career. Out of the box it’s very easy to work with and generally very good with SEO. After looking into the code more I noticed that you can do even more to make the most out of this fantastic plugin in regards to SEO.

Open album-extend.php

This file is located in your Nextgen Gallery folder withing your WordPress install’s plugin folder: wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/views/album-extend.php/

Turn the DIV into an H3/H4

Depending on your preference, modify the following gallery title div to be a heading rather than a just a div. Search engines will recognize this and give more value to the text.


Now change the beginning and end DIV to an H3 as shown below.

Save the file

Remember, modifying files in a plugin’s directory means that in the future, if you update the plugin the changes could be overwritten. Luckily this is just a quick change so it’s not really a big deal.

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