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We are extremely excited to announce that we’re rebranding our company with a new name, new logo, and new website.

As of today, we are no longer WordImpress but brand collage

Here’s a little insight into why we are rebranding and what this means for our future. now serves as our corporate identity and showcase for our growing product offerings. No products will be sold on the site directly, but we will continue publishing relevant and thought-provoking articles.

Our new identity signifies a few important concepts for us, which are summarized fairly clearly by our new slogan: “Code for Good.”

With the tremendous success of our flagship product, GiveWP, we felt compelled to arrange our entire company around the idea of bringing more good into the world through our products. This means a lot of things:

  • Our products must “impress” and do real good in the world.
  • Our company must “impress” and be a place where our employees feel they are doing good in the world.
  • Our customers must benefit from development and support best practices that press forward and help them succeed online.

What does this mean for our existing products?


GiveWP will continue to be the number one priority for our company and continue its product development and growth trajectory. Much of this rebrand is to reorient around how we have changed internally because of the success of the product. We’re excited to see it have a new corporate owner that more directly reflects its mission and goals.

WP Business Reviews

You might have heard that earlier this year we consolidated all our previous business reviews plugins into one premium plugin called WP Business Reviews. Our newest product will also remain on its own domain and will continue to get new features, review platforms, and responsive support. We believe strongly in the future of WP Business Reviews; it fits well within the mission since it is designed to do a lot of good for small businesses.

Maps Builder

Maps Builder is still one of the most intuitive ways to visually build simple to complex Google Maps within WordPress. We are in the process of providing Maps Builder a new dedicated site where it will continue to be sold and maintained.

Quick Checkout

We have informed our current customers that we will end support for Quick Checkout as of December 31, 2018. We are currently looking for a new home for this product, so if you know of any aspiring WooCommerce developers who would love to make some residual income, send them our way.

Open Table Widget

We have notified all our Open Table Widget Pro customers that we will sunset this plugin by the end of the calendar year. We will open source the pro version of this plugin and keep it on Github available for anyone who would like to fork it and use it for their clients or even develop a new pro version.

While we saw success with the plugins we chose to sunset, we believe that they, in the end, did not help us maintain our new focus as a company. That is why we made the hardest but best choice to let them expire and/or find new homes.

We are excited about this new chapter in our journey. Feel free to browse our new website for more information about who we are and see testimonials from other WordPress and NGO leaders voicing their support of our new venture. All questions can be directed to me, Matt Cromwell, Partner and Head of Support and Community Outreach, at [email protected].

Download the press release:

Press Release

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  1. are you still supporting Google Places Review Pro? I have this (paid) plugin on many client sites and it isnt working and all the support documentation are dead links now. please help!

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