Put Your Best Foot Forward with Yelp Widget Pro

Sometimes we can be a bit stingy with compliments like they’re going out of stock but when someone upsets us, watch out — we’re writing a nasty review on Yelp. It’s true, everyone gets bad reviews. But there are good ones, too.

Put your best foot forward.

We don’t walk into an interview with bad performance reviews attached to our resumes, do we? No. We bring letters of recommendation that say we’re amazing and the reviewer wonders why we’re not in the corner office already.

We care about reviews as much as we like to think we don’t.

According to Search Engine Land:

  • 85% Of Consumers Say They Read Up To 10 Reviews.
  • 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more (vs. 73% in 2013).
  • For nearly 9 in 10 consumers, an online review is equally as important as a personal recommendation. With word-of-mouth still the most popular way of recommending a local business, this stat highlights the value of a positive review.

Yelp Widget Pro

It’s true that people trust reviews on third party sites over ones you self-publish. This is where the Yelp Widget Pro comes in.

The Yelp Widget is an easy-to-install plugin that adds a minimalistic box (widget) to any of your WordPress site’s widget areas. It will show your business name, photo, average Yelp star rating, number of reviews, and your address.

Yelp API is easy to get. Just say, "pretty please."
Yelp API is easy to get. Just say, “pretty please.”

The good thing about this widget is, as opposed to Google’s IQ test, Yelp just has you fill out a simple form and boom – you have all the codes you need.

Copy and Paste your API into the widget settings.
Copy and Paste your API into the widget settings.

Copy and paste your four keys from Yelp into the widget settings, click update, and you’re ready for the next step.

Not all plugins are widgets but this one is. So, you need to go to widgets in the appearance section of your Admin Panel to tinker with the settings. Drag it into place. Do some twiddling. In ten minutes you’ve got a clean Yelp widget on your site.

Premium versus Free

The Free version of Yelp Widget Pro is fine. It puts a very minimalistic box on your site. That works. But remember, the point of Yelp is the reviews. The whole platform is built on reviews. Users can up-vote reviews or even vote on the review’s humor. So displaying the reviews is important, especially if your business deals with the general public.

That’s why I recommend the premium version of Yelp Widget Pro for restaurants, nail salons, dry cleaners, car mechanics, and pet groomers. You get the gist.

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The pro version gives you two must-have features: display of reviews and filtering by stars.

These two features alone are worth the one-site yearly license of $27. Heck, that equates to $2.25 a month, less than a caramel macchiato.

You get so much more with the premium version. Buy it now.
You get so much more with the premium version. Buy it now.

Online reviews are important. But not all online reviews are equal.

Just for fun, I looked up my favorite local Mexican restaurant; I was appalled at the low ratings.

I’m convinced some of those reviews originated this way:

A couple goes out for date night – a fabricated attempt to get some alone time. She didn’t want to go to Mexican. But it was his time to choose. Her heart was set on sushi. But that’s okay. She’s a good wife and wanted to honor the premise of date night. They order, nothing on the menu appeals to her, she gets annoyed, and the evening spirals down with yet another argument on the proper way to load the dishwasher. Result? 2 star review on Yelp.

Many people take out their frustrations on the internet instead of being honest with themselves and each other. That’s your free psychology advice today. A digression? Maybe. But this is why you need to filter reviews. The truth is, sometimes people are just having a bad day.

Three Star Yelpers are Unhappy People

You only want 5 and 4 star reviews on your site. This is the main reason to buy the premium version. With the Premium version, you can filter by star rating and just ignore those “having a bad day” reviews.

After a bit of reading on Yelp, I came to the conclusion that a three-star Yelper is a person who’s never happy. I mean, you love it or hate it, right? What’s with the three stars?

I’d put money in Vegas that a three-star Yelper would be unhappy even if you gave them a million dollars. Their review would complain that you didn’t wire transfer it into four separate accounts or that your cash prize wasn’t all in tens and fives (you know because 7-Eleven doesn’t take Benjamins).

A three-star Yelper is just an unhappy person. Filter those out right now. With Yelp Widget Premium you can.

Are you putting your best foot forward?

We know you have the best looking WordPress site money could pay for. You have your menu or prices online. You have a great contact form. Where are your reviews?

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Go to your Admin Panel, quick as you like, and install it today.

Open up a new tab. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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