The WordImpress Team is Looking Forward to WordCamp San Diego

The WordImpress Team is Looking Forward to WordCamp San Diego.

We can’t help but feel partial toward WordCamp San Diego. After all, it’s in our hometown, and our whole team is involved: sponsor, speaker, organizer, volunteer.

So what do we look forward to the most? Read below:

Devin Walker, Founder and Lead Developer:

I learn something new at WordCamp San Diego every year. This year will be my second time on the organizing team and it has been a great experience helping make the Camp a reality this year. The first thing I want to learn at WordCamp is how WordPress plugin authors can better understand their users.

As a WordPress plugin developer, one of the biggest pain points is not knowing exactly who is downloading and using our plugins. We know a great deal about who is buying the Add-ons and Pro versions, but for our free users this is still very much a mystery. How are other authors dealing with this? Freemius is an interesting solution. But is it a stop gap or a solution to the problem?

The second thing I want to know is how to continue to grow our development team. We are growing here at WordImpress, and hiring the right developers is often difficult and time consuming. How are others recruiting and hiring the right talent specifically for WordPress plugin development?

That’s what I’ll be asking my fellow plugin authors this WordCamp.

Matt Cromwell, Head of Support:

WordCamp San Diego is our hometown WordCamp. We love it; it’s a highlight of our year. I look forward to learning a ton as always. But what I most look forward to is interacting with folks who are just getting to know WordPress for the first time. I have the pleasure of organizing the Beginner’s Bootcamp on Sunday.

I really enjoy learning from beginners about what their pain points are with WordPress; which things seem obvious or completely unintuitive.

I hope to apply that learning to how I answer support inquiries and how Devin and I influence the development of Give to make it even easier and intuitive to use and implement quickly.

Jason Knill, CFO

Liberty Station is one of my favorite places in San Diego and I’m stoked the camp is there. This is will be my fourth WordCamp and in many ways I still consider myself new to the industry.

Last year, we grew from a team of 3 to 7. In terms of sales, our company grew by 800%. We love growth, but with growth comes bigger and more challenging decisions.

My focus at this year’s WordCamp is to begin understanding what scale means within the WordPress community.  In short, what does 25% of the web really mean.  A few tactical items I’m looking to gain insight on:

  1. As SAAS competitors like Squarespace bring more people into the DIY web, how can we, as an industry, be more inclusive to these DIY folks to ensure that their rising tide (WIX and SquareSpace ad campaigns) lifts our position as well?
  2. How can Theme/Plugin shops and the .org association band together to better market WordPress?

As we continue to release new products (check out Facebook Reviews Pro and our Donation Plugin, Give, I look forward to making lots of new friends, asking really hard questions, impacting future policy, and having an impact on projecting the future of this ultra-unique business model.

Bridget Willard, Marketing Manager:

As the social media volunteer and newly-minted Marketing Manager here at WordImpress, I have a mix of goals that were mentioned above.

This will be my second time attending WordCamp San Diego and will be my seventh WordCamp since 2013.

Because I’m a huge Twitter nerd, I’m most looking forward to getting selfies with all of the people I’ve interacted with on Twitter, WPblab, and Facebook.

I love to learn. Of course, I plan to attend at least 80% of the sessions and I always learn something. Though I still consider myself a beginner with WordPress, the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place for me.

That said, my favorite part of WordCamp is always the unexpected. I look for that serendipitous moment — the epiphany — that’s the most exciting part.

Are you going to WordCamp San Diego?

What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments.

Also, come say hi to us and get a selfie to add to your collection.