Keeping Up with the WooNinja: Quick Checkout Releases Version 1.9

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We’re one of a few Third-Party WooCommerce Extensions referred to from the WooCommerce website. Keeping up with their rapid growth and development cycle has been challenging, but we’re excited that Quick Checkout version 1.9 is now available. Here’s the inside scoop.

There’s this moment in Matt Mullenweg’s 2015 State of the Word when we said that he believes plugin shops should never be a “one-man” show. We can relate. While it’s amazing what one really talented developer can do on his or her own, nothing beats the compound efforts of adding additional key players to your team.

This becomes even more necessary when one of your main products is an extension of a highly popular and rapidly developing e-commerce platform. If you haven’t noticed yet, WooCommerce is powering roughly 30% of all e-commerce stores worldwide. Pie chart showing WooCommerce having 29% of all ecommerce websites worldwide

WooCommerce was already well into this dominance when it’s company, WooThemes, was acquired by Automattic to the tune of $30 million in May of 2015. Being owned by Automattic seems to have only encouraged even more growth for the platform.

A Short History of Quick Checkout

Before all of this rapid growth, our Founder and Lead Developer Devin Walker built a WooCommerce extension called Quick Checkout. It’s a really handy way to create easy WooCommerce landing pages by keeping the checkout directly on the page. If you haven’t heard of it, check out our demo site.

Quick Checkout is the most popular plugin we sell at and we think that’s well-deserved. It’s an excellent plugin, very flexible to suit many needs, and most importantly our users find that it helps them convert more sales. It’s a powerful tool.

The challenge that we faced this past year was keeping up with all of that rapid change at WooCommerce that I mentioned earlier. As Matt Mullenweg said in his State of the Word, it’s hard for a plugin shop to keep up just with the rapid growth and change of WordPress, let alone WooCommerce and all the themes and extensions that come with it.

Here’s a quick overview of what I’m talking about

All that to say, this brings new meaning to the words “Keeping up with the Jones’.”

How Do They Do It!?

If I’ve done my job, then at this point you’re in awestruck wonder at how we can keep up with all that considering we are still a small shop. Well, the short answer is: We don’t. Let me explain.

Every plugin shop and theme shop has written or un-written rules about what they are or are not capable of supporting with their product. These rules are completely up to the shop, but often they simply support their own product and don’t care what happens when you combine their product with anyone else’s. We don’t think that’s a good strategy.

So here’s a few things we’ve committed to do with Quick Checkout specifically:

We believe that Quick Checkout should be compatible with:

  • Every WooCommerce extension that WooCommerce sells directly on their website.
  • Every theme is sold from the WooCommerce website.
  • Every theme from the WordPress Theme Directory
  • The most popular WooCommerce premium themes like Divi, Avada, X, Total, Make, and others

While we’d love to promise compatibility with every plugin on the directory, we can’t. Simply because there is not an official quality review that happens for plugins on the Plugin Directory the same way there is for the Theme Directory. While we’d love to promise compatibility with every CodeCanyon plugin out there, it’s simply impossible considering the lack of quality control and the way many of those plugins do very unconventional things to WooCommerce.

I will say upfront that we haven’t tested WooCommerce with every one of their official extensions yet. The reason we can promise this now is two-fold:

  • We have established a relationship with the WooTheme team which provides us access to their extensions for our own testing purposes. This has been invaluable for us.
  • We know that they are coding their extensions the way we aim to as well: The WordPress Way; with best practices, using WordPress core functions and standards.

Version 1.9 is Here and 2.0 is Coming

So, with that giant introduction, we’re very excited to release version 1.9 which is the most stable and compatible version we have yet published. It really is primarily a maintenance release, but one that was very hard-fought and won.

With all the work we put into this version is got us thinking about version 2.0. Here’s some things we are planning for it now:

  • Separate Quick Checkout templates which further provides theme authors and developers the ability to customize the way Quick Checkout looks and functions on their site.
  • Update quantities inside Quick Checkout. This will be possible with the aforementioned Quick Checkout templates which provide enhanced functionality to the standard Woo cart system.
  • A shortcode generator so you can more easily output any Quick Checkout directly from your page or post editor without having to refer to our documentation.

So whether you’re already a Quick Checkout license holder, or considering purchasing, now’s the time because there’s great things in store this year.

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