How to Easily Find Out Which Theme a WordPress Site is Using

what-wordpress-site-thumbA lot of times when I’m viewing a website that I think looks good or has some great functionality I want to see what’s going on behind the scenes. One of the first things I want to know is if the site is using WordPress.

Now, you could use your handy web inspector to check out the stylesheet and source urls to do your own detective work… Or, you could use this fast and easy-to-use website: What WordPress Theme is That?.

Introducing What WordPress Theme is That?

This site takes the legwork out of finding out which WordPress Theme as site is using… like the name implies.

Disclaimer: WordImpress has no affiliation with What WordPress Theme is That?… we just think it is really awesome!

What WordPress Theme is That?

How to use What WordPress Theme is That?

It’s very easy! You can use this website to check to see if a site is even using WordPress and if it is, the website will tell you the website’s WordPress theme information.

Google is not on WordPress

Google is not on WordPress

…but WordImpress is!

WordImpress Theme Information

Above is an example of the theme information output that appears when a site is on WordPress. I assume the website parses your stylesheet to get the relevant information and then attempts to locate the theme’s screenshot.png file.

How About Plugins?

What WordPress Theme is That? will do it’s best job to find out which plugins the site is using. Here is a screenshot of the plugins it located in use on this site:

WordImpress Plugin List

Other Cool Features

I thought it was neat how you could see the most popular plugins in use on all WordPress Plugins that have been detected by What WordPress Theme is That:

Top WordPress Plugins

As well, you can also see the most popular themes discovered by the tool:

Top WordPress Themes

What Do You Think?

Tell us what you think about this tool. Do you have another solution? Share your comments below!