How to Customize the Disqus Comment Count Link

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Disqus is a great commenting system for many reasons. When you first install it on your WordPress blog you may notice that Disqus replaces the output of the comments_number() links with their default text. Most likely it will say “O Comments and 0 Reactions” – or a number depending on how many people have commented or social shared the article.

Change the Comment Count Link Text

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel

WordPress Login - Customized

2. Hover over “Comments” and click “Disqus”


3. You should be seeing the Disqus screen now on the “Moderate” tab. Click on the “Settings” tab to the far right.


4. Scroll about half-way down the Settings page and you will see the input fields to customize your Disqus Comment and Reaction Count Links.


You can see that I have customized my comment counts to display “Leave Comment” when there are no comments. This looks much better to users and invites them into the article rather than bluntly stating your comment has zero comments. I also am not a big fan of the “Reactions” count so to remove it I left that field blank. It will only display if the article has 1-or-more reactions. I may change that in the future as to only display if more than 1 (I would simply leave the “One Reaction” input blank to enable that functionality).

Disqus Comments Preview

Although the directions above may seem a bit obvious, you wouldn’t believe the number of posts I’ve seen with people asking how to do customize the text. If you are still having trouble or have some feedback then please post in the comment section below!