Five WordCamps and a Plugin – 2015 in Review

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WordPress — it’s all about the community, right? Just like the premise of the movie “Four Weddings and A Funeral,” a group of friends move through life and their stories are told through four weddings and — guess what? — a funeral.

For us, 2015 is FIVE WordCamps and a plugin. It’s been quite the year.

We thought we’d use Twitter’s new Publish tool to highlight a few photo tweets summarizing this year. Brief recaps are below.

WordCamp San Diego: March 28-29, 2015

We were excited to represent WordImpress at San Diego as sponsors, speakers, and organizers. It’s great to be able to sponsor, volunteer, speak as well as attend a WordCamp. There’s something for everyone.

This was also the first WordCamp where we presented Give. Give hadn’t even been released yet, and still we had hundreds of people express interest in it.

Matt spoke on Properly Setting Up Your Site on Saturday, and co-led the “Plugin Development Bootcamp” on Sunday.

WordCamp Miami: May 29-31, 2015

Matt broke down how to optimize your WordPress site by optimizing your images — before you upload them. Check out the slides and the whole presentation is available on

In addition to chatting up people and enjoying the sessions, Devin spent some quality time at the beach. Hey. It’s no joke. The creative mind needs some serious downtime, too. Where are you inspired?

WordCamp Las Vegas: September 19-20, 2015

Shoeless Joe would be proud because Devin broke it down in his talk “If You Build It (Right), They Will Come – Creating truly valuable WordPress products and services” You can check out the slides here.

If customer service isn’t your thing and hand-holding is too much to ask, then Matt suggests you not get into product development. If you’re going to have products, you’ve got to support them well and extensively. Check out his slides here.

WordCamp Los Angeles: September 26-27, 2015

We sponsored this event as well as presented.

Devin discussed how to “Fork it Right” and gave some great detail and history to how we developed Give.  Key takeaways were preserving attribution and fiduciary responsibility — meaning don’t charge for something that was originally free. The slides are here and it’s featured on here.

Matt discussed how to get started with WordPress right by talking about Jurassic Park. Just because you CAN make dinosaurs doesn’t mean you should. WordPress is a great tool but remembering function versus form will help you go a long way. His slides are here, is here.

A Plugin –WP Rollback

We were so stoked to have entered and won First Place in WordCamp Orange County’s inaugural Plugin-a-Paolooza for WP Rollback, a plugin we developed just for this contest.

It was a good challenge to create a plugin just for a WordCamp, present, and then win. But not just that. We loved hearing everyone’s innovations, too. It’s amazing to see an idea executed well, especially when they’re our friends.

Since then we’ve actually learned a lot more about this plugin we created. It turns out that WP Rollback is a great way to do beta testing. And it might just be one of the reasons the whole Universe was created — according to this hilarious reviewer at least.

WordCamp US – December 4-6, 2015

Last but in no way least: WordCamp US

WordCamp US had over 1,800 attendees, not including the livestream folks. This national conference was hosted in Philidelphia and will be again in 2016. Cities apply to host WordCamp US and the chosen city hosts for two years straight.The dates for 2016 have already been announced and tickets are for sale.

Some of our personal highlights were meeting so many of you and we thoroughly enjoyed the Give Dinner Friday night which Media Temple helped sponsor.

There were so many great presentations (and hundreds of tweets) making it impossible to list them all here. But thanks to our brilliant Marketing Manager Bridget, we had a strong online presence the whole weekend (Matt is adding this part, of course).

This was our top tweet from the lighting talks in Kite and Key. As a culture, we are innovators.

We we especially enjoyed the SciFi analogy by Morten Rand-Hendriksen explaining Git.

Of course, Saturday closed with the annual State of the Word by Matt Mullenweg. It was inspiring to hear the growth of WordPress, WordCamps, and in particular the attendance rates for local WordPress meetups.

For the first time he gave us homework: “Learn JavaScript, deeply.”

It’s important to note that the City of Philadelphia made December 5, 2015 “WordPress Day.” Although, it’s not an annual event, it shows that WordPress as a brand is being recognized as it should.

Other Important 2015 Notables

Besides WordCamps we’re also really proud of these things in 2015:

  • We launched Give in 2015. It’s become our #1 grossing plugin in a short amount of time.
  • We launched Maps Builder Pro. We have a lot more in store for that this year.
  • We became the “WordPress Community Consultants” for MediaTemple. We’re really impressed (and we don’t use that word lightly around here) with their team and their commitment to high-quality web hosting and customer support. Expect great things from them in 2016.
  • We hired Bridget Willard as our Marketing Manager. In just a short time she’s already made our online presence better than it’s ever been. Look forward to much more Bridget in 2016. (of course Matt is writing this part too)
  • We forged some great relationships with other developers that we’ve highly respected and admired throughout the years. You can expect to hear more about our partnerships and cooperation with these folks throughout 2016 for sure.

Lots More to Expect in 2016

While 2015 was amazing and by far the best year for our organization, we are expecting 2016 to far exceed it. Here’s just a few things you can look forward to:

  • Give, Give, and more Give! We’ll be highlighting more Give Stories and releasing more Give Addons and making the core plugin even more robust and intuitive.
  • QuickCheckout is currently getting heavily revamped and optimized. We’re planning to a big 2.0 release of that this year.
  • Our Business Reviews Bundle will be growing very soon. What more can we add to it you ask? Well, who else does really awesome business reviews and rhymes with Spacebook?

What WordCamps did you attend this year? Which talks inspired you? What will you do in 2016: attend a meetup, apply to speak, or travel to a new WordCamp?

Here’s to a great 2016 and “Here’s to Building the Web!”

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