Benefits of Writing on Multiple Platforms

One way we like to contribute to the broader WordPress community is through our writing. Here’s an overview of where and why we publish.

We find that publishing relevant and unique articles is a great way for new people to discover who we are and for people of all experience levels to learn something new. You’d be amazed at how often we meet someone new at a WordCamp who says “Hey I really liked your article on the best WordCamp websites” or some other reference to our writings.

But we don’t focus just on the site. Each of our team members have different skills and talents, which means different audiences. That’s why you’ll find our fingerprints in lots of different corners of the web.

Benefits of Writing on Multiple Platforms

There are real benefits to writing for multiple platforms. Primarily, it’s to get your name and brand exposed to a new audience. Some publishers also let you link back to your main website, giving your site added link relevance.

But mostly, in our case, we have difference “voices” in our different publishing platforms.

Devin Walker: Creative Technologist

devin-mugshotWeaving in and around and building the @innerwebs itself is our very own founder, Devin Walker. There isn’t an API he doesn’t love.

Who says developers can’t write? Devin is one of the original contributors here dating back to October of 2009.

You should read these articles if you haven’t already:

His presentation slides and videos on are also popular.

Jason Knill: Ad Man

jason-mugshotJason is a self-professed ad man which even Don Draper would be jealous of. Google adwords have nothing on him. He writes both here and on Give.

If you haven’t already, you should check out his series on DIY Agency:

He was also the mastermind behind crunching the numbers to compare purchasing Addons with Give versus paying fees to GiveFundMe. If you do donations online, you should check out his article on “Demystifying Online Donation Fees,” it’s a must read.

Matt Cromwell: Historian, Web Developer, Family Man

matt-mugshotMatt is not just a support guru. He’s a people-person, a teacher, and a writer. He’s one of our primary writers here on WordImpress and Give. But you can find writings by Matt regarding WordPress on many sites including: MattCromwell.comMediaTemple, and FooPlugins.

Put these in your pocket to read later:

But it doesn’t stop there. Make sure to also check out his presentation slides and videos on

Bridget Willard: Twitter Nerd

bridget-mugshotBridget writes here, on the Give Stories, and her own all-things-social blog. Since joining WordImpress she now also writes about her new love: WordPress. She also writes on LinkedInMedium, and has some syndicated pieces on Business 2 Community.

Some of her more popular WordPress-related posts are:

She’s also the co-host of WPblab with Jason Tucker — answering WordPress questions live. It’s a sister show to WPwatercooler that airs live on Thursday nights.

Your Turn.

Enough about us. What about you? Where do you write? What are your favorite online blogs? How do you contribute to WordPress? Share your links with us.


4 thoughts on “Benefits of Writing on Multiple Platforms

  1. This is great. I’m always more interested in shops where EVERYONE is known for something—when it’s just one person who’s well known in the WordPress community (or just generally), it’s just not as impressive.

    1. Nice use of the word, "impressive," Adam. I’m a sucker for a pun. I agree. Different voices, united. It’s fun to be part of, too.

      1. And less work for you! Unless you have to edit heavily 😛 Ha, I try to puns into my writing as often as I can.

  2. Different voices = Different audiences … totally agree. I love how you guys spread things out. Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed, but my articles differ quite a bit depending on what I’m writing about. My WordPress tutorials on have less personality, but are effective for what they are trying to achieve–to teach something & solve a problem. But when I write on my personal blog about running, CrossFit, and other life happenings, I get more creative with it. Poems, letters, puns, etc. And more human-interest stories. So often I sit down to write about someTHING and it turns into a piece about someONE.

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