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Devin Walker and some Support Staff from Media Temple at WordCamp LAX 2015

It’s great when a web host wants to further understand the WordPress community in order to serve its needs better, whether developers, agencies, or site admins.

Today, we’re proud to announce that has been serving as the WordPress Community Consultants for Media Temple. We’re not evangelists or cheerleaders. Our relationship with Media Temple is different. While we do want to see them succeed, our role as consultants demands professional distance.

How We Benefit Media Temple

Various swag items from Media Temple.
The Media Temple sponsor table always has great swag.

In order to serve a community you must know them. To understand the WordPress community and their unique needs in the context of hosting and server requirements, customer service, support, and features, you need people inside that community.

To receive that kind of insight and enhance their presence in the community, Media Temple reached out to us at Our team has unique perspectives and knowledge of the WordPress space and the community at large. Matt Cromwell (Head of Support) and Devin Walker (Founder and Lead Developer) specifically have gained their knowledge in the WordPress community through their volunteerism and participation within the WordPress community over the past five years as WordCamp speakers and organizers, Meetup coordinators, online community admins, and of course experience in building sites for clients and being WordPress product creators.

It is that experience and insight that we bring to the table every time we meet with the leadership at Media Temple.

How Media Temple Benefits Us

Matt Cromwell (middle) and Devin Walker (right) mingling at WordCamp Miami.
Matt Cromwell (middle) and Devin Walker (right) mingling at WordCamp Miami.

To stay informed and be effective consultants we have to meet with a lot of people and ask a lot of questions. The best way to do that is by going to conferences. Media Temple is enabling us to attend, sponsor, and speak at more WordCamps and Nonprofit conferences. This was one of our internal goals and our partnership just makes it that much easier.

But don’t take our word for it. Read their announcement post here. Media Temple’s Senior Director of Product Management, Brendan Fortune says:

“Partnering with true WordPress experts who are immersed in the WordPress community was very important to us. Not only to help us better understand the needs of WordPress users and improve our WordPress solutions accordingly, but also to be more active and visible in the community. Matt and Devin are highly respected WordPress advocates, and we couldn’t be happier with our current collaboration.”

Why the GoDaddy Acquisition is Good for Everyone

Matt Clancy representing GoDaddy at WordCamp Las Vegas 2015
Matt Clancy representing GoDaddy at WordCamp Las Vegas 2015

One of the first questions we often hear about Media Temple is, “Weren’t they bought by GoDaddy?” That’s true, they were, and in our eyes that has been good for everyone.

Media Temple has a great product. Even better, their customer service is fantastic. Support is an important part of our business model and we believe it’s a differentiating factor for web hosts as well.

You might have had negative experiences with GoDaddy hosting in the past. If you’ve been watching their evolution since their acquisition of Media Temple, then you’ll notice that both GoDaddy’s core products and reputation have been on a steady and steep rise. There are many factors in that — all of which are a credit to the leadership at GoDaddy. One of those factors (from our perspective) is the way in which Media Temple has been a positive influence on GoDaddy’s ethos and product.

If you look at the web hosting space in North America, there are two giants: EIG and GoDaddy. We believe that GoDaddy is on the right track. They are innovating, they are embracing the WordPress community, and their ownership of Media Temple is affirmation of that.

How This Partnership Affects our Products

One of the biggest “rubs” in plugin development is being able to reliably handle a wide variety of server environments. Whether it’s server security, caching, PHP modules, or MySQL configurations, there’s always new and challenging ways that hosts can make plugin developers lives very difficult.

One thing we’ve really appreciated since working with Media Temple is the access we’ve been given both at Media Temple and GoDaddy which have enabled us to do deep testing of our plugins in live environments that we previously didn’t have access to. We’ve been able to discuss these challenges with their product developers. Those talks helped us, as product developers, to make crucial decisions that affect how we develop features of our plugins for reliability.

We appreciate Media Temple reaching out to us and all the ways this partnership is benefitting everyone in the WordPress community. We think partnerships like this — developers and hosts speaking with mutual influence and respect — greatly enhance the web for all users. Our mantra is a toast, a celebration: “Here’s to building the web!” We’re excited that this partnership with Media Temple is a reflection of that.

Here’s to building the web!

Special thanks to Kari Marucchi of FoundArt Photography for her tireless efforts to archive several of the great WordCamps we’ve attended, including all the images featured in this article.

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  1. Awesome example of a great partnership. I love hearing another genuine story about WordPress folks working together. And I have watched GoDaddy’s transformation closely these past few years. I’ve been a customer of theirs for almost 10 years, and both their products and service have improved drastically. Thanks for sharing the experience, guys.

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