All-in-One Event Calendar Custom Permalink Slugs

All-in-One Events Calendar

I love the plugin All-in-One Event Calendar by It’s a great way to organize and display events on your website.

The one thing about the plugin that I do not like is the inability to change the URL Rewrite from the built in ‘ai1ec_event’ to something a bit more user and search engine friendly like just ‘event’. The plugin author has said he will likely build the ability to customize this in upcoming versions, but until then… here’s how I resolved the issue.

** Warning: The solution below contains instructions on hacking a core plugin file. Although this is highly undesirable, it’s the only way to modify the permalinks quickly without the ability to hook or filter. You could write a plugin to modify the permalink structure for the events to redirect to any custom base… but who has time for that? Hopefully this is patched up soon in future releases of this great plugin. Anyways, on to the solution:

Change the All-in-One Rewrite Slug

Navigate to wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/helper/class-ai1ec-app-helper.php and go to line 188 (it may be a few lines up or down depending on your version). Change:

'rewrite' => true,


'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'event' ),

… Where ‘event’ is your custom slug e.g ‘calendar’, ‘schedule’, etc.

Don’t Forget to Refresh Your Permalinks

Make sure you go to Settings > Permalinks and refresh your urls before you finish! This way you won’t get any nasty 404 errors.

I hope this article helps you customize your permalinks for this great plugin!

Note: The solution for this article was found via this WordPress Forums Topic