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We take pride in Quality

Attention to detail and rigorous testing define quality WordPress plugins. We hold ourselves to high coding standards in every commit and pull request. The same holds true for every customer communication, blog article, tweet, share, or WordCamp presentation. Details matter.

We Value Contribution

The Team regularly contributes to the WordPress and broader open source communities. All of our code is GPL compliant and never proprietary. Whether through code contributions on GitHub or WordCamp involvement, we are deeply dedicated to empowering others to do good through open source.

We Code for Good

Solving problems using WordPress has always been our passion. We don’t just build plugins, we build solutions. Everything we develop is crafted to help your business or nonprofit succeed in reaching its potential. Our software has helped more than 60,000+ nonprofits raise more than a billion dollars worldwide

Our Story

Since its founding, this company has focused on providing solutions that empower organizations to reach their full online potential. Our open source contributions and support of the WordPress community have played a huge role in our company identity. We believe in Code for Good so that everyone can Press Forward.

  • 2010

  • Company Founded

    After several WordCamps and meetups, Devin Walker, founder, sees the need for well-built plugins for small businesses. The company is founded to fill the gap.

  • First Open Source Plugins Released

    The first open source plugins are released on, complete with full documentation and backed by high-quality technical support. Each serves to help small businesses succeed online.

  • 2014

  • Partnership Formed

    Jason Knill joins as Head of Finance and Matt Cromwell joins as Head of Support, partnering with Devin. All of their skills combined allow the company to provide more well-rounded expertise and better serve customers.

  • Nonprofit Focus Begins

    During the last WordCamp San Francisco Matt and Devin are inspired to solve a big problem in the nonprofit space: online donations. The idea for GiveWP is born.

  • 2015

  • First WordCamp Sponsorship

    The company sponsors WordCamp San Diego where GiveWP is unveiled to the WordPress world.

  • Launch of GiveWP

    GiveWP, a donation plugin, is released to provide a feature-rich fundraising platform for nonprofits on WordPress.

  • First WordCamp US

    Devin and Matt attend the first ever WordCamp US in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • 2016

  • First Employees Hired

    The exponential growth of GiveWP allows the company to hire full-time employees to keep pace with market demand.

  • First Company Retreat

    The Team enjoys its first company retreat together at WordCamp US in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • First International Employees Hired

    Experts from around the world are hired in order to better serve international customers through their diverse experience and development skills.

  • 2017

  • Increased Investment in the WordPress Community

    The Team enjoys sponsoring, speaking, volunteering and organizing more meetups and WordCamps than ever before.

  • Record Company Growth

    The company grows at an accelerated rate due to the success of GiveWP and increased community involvement.

  • WP Business Reviews Development Begins

    A redesign of the previous reviews plugins begins in order to make one comprehensive premium business reviews platform.

  • 2018

  • Release of GiveWP 2.0

    GiveWP is enhanced for increased scalability and to allow users to streamline donor registration, fine-tune email management, and more.

  • Launch of WP Business Reviews

    WP Business Reviews makes its debut to the WordPress Community. Users can beautifully display reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook with more platforms on the way.

  • Rebrand to

    The company rebrands as to focus on Code for Good so everyone can Press Forward.

Press Forward 🚀

Lead by Doing

Every member of The Team is dedicated to the open source and WordPress communities. You’ll find us sponsoring, speaking, and organizing at WordCamps; hosting meetups; and helping nonprofits and small businesses succeed online.

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