101 Sepulveda – Maps Builder Pro In Action

101 Sepulveda using Maps Builder Pro

We’re about to celebrate our one year release of Maps Builder Pro, our premium Google Maps plugin for WordPress.

NOTE: Our free Google Maps Builder plugin on the WordPress repository (with over 10,000 active downloads) for a couple years and is currently developing in 2.0.

Last year we launched our Maps Builder Pro plugin demo page and were also honored to have the Chris Lema’s contest last summer, awarding developers, free licenses.

"This plugin really can build just about any kind of map you can imagine, and it's easy, too. That's a rare combination." Pippin Williamson
“This plugin really can build just about any kind of map you can imagine, and it’s easy, too. That’s a rare combination.” Pippin Williamson

Here’s a great use case to share with a client or prospect.

Client Use Case: 101 Sepulveda — A Los Angeles Class-A Regional Office Building

This office building is like no other. Its website says:

“101 North Sepulveda is a 3-story office building prominently positioned on the northwest quadrant of Sepulveda and El Segundo Boulevards in the Smoky Hollow area of El Segundo. The landmark building was built in 1984 and is set to undergo significant changes in 2016 to become Smoky Hollow’s newest “Class A” creative office building. The renovation will include a new distinctive façade, renovated common areas, three interior garden atriums with tranquil landscaping and a relaxing community feel.”

Of course, the site has beautiful photos, alluring statistics, comprehensive floor plans, and compelling copy. It also features our premium Maps Builder Pro plugin

Maps Builder Pro in Action on 101Sepulveda.com
Maps Builder Pro in Action on 101Sepulveda.com

In the center of the map is a branded marker with the “101” of 101 Sepulveda and the amenities are color-coded. At a glance you’re aware that fitness centers, recreational areas, hotels, and major shopping centers are near this up-and-coming office space. We’re stoked how the development team has used our custom marker functionality. Way to go!

It’s your turn to dream.

What’s your “What if?” How will you incorporate Google Maps on your WordPress-powered web property?

Learn more today.

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